What a special moment with the Shaolin Master!!!

Could you tell how tall Master Shi Heng Yi is?

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Thank you kind friends and strangers! You made my world a better place, and I shall bring my joy to others!

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/me hands everyone reading this a fresh stroopwafel in celebration of 8 years

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Congratulations for 8th year of inspiring humanity to transform Fear into Love. OMG: the iceman movie! GRATITUDE to Ammar for inspiring me with your love, fraternity, positivity, perseverance, fearlessness. Thomas for inspiring me with your courage, fearlessness, sensitivity, joyfulness. Matt for inspiring me to go beyond all mental & physical limits (omg! the iron man challenge!) & to all for your deep sense of humor & fun beyond limits.

My bucket list:

1. Bungee jumping

2. Swim with dolfins

3. Find the right match

4. Write a book

5. See Hawai & the oldest great sequoias

Hopefully, will do the bungee jumping tomorrow 107m high in Rishikesh, India ( feeling terrified, please send me love...whatsapp +916380213581)

Love you guies since I discovered you last month!

Kaivalya (Jocelyne Biton)

PS: Let's go swim with dolfins together!

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Congratulations on turning 8 team! Your channel has brought me many hours of joy & inspires me everyday. The clothing is such a great conversation piece :) lol eventually people ask me "is that the only clothing you have?" and honestly I have plenty of other clothing, but, love repping the seek discomfort whenever possible.

I look forward to eventually doing video, editing, photo & making a video with you guys soon! I live in San Luis Obispo so, Im not too far from le headquarters. I hope whoever reads this has a beautiful day & chooses to Seek Discomfort in some way today! ;)


Chad Lamon

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I'm 78 years old and watch you guys with amazement and joy. Thanks to you, I even find myself seeking discomfort. Oysters only make pearls when sand gets inside their shells and irritate them. Thank you!

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