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1. What is one thing that you are proud of that you achieved this year?

I learnt more about myself my strength and weakness.

2. What is something you failed at?

Communicating without reacting :-(

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1. My achievement this year was simply me just being able to get to the end. This has been the hardest year yet, but (with the help of your videos) I managed to have a bright mind and stay with it. Cheers

2. I definitely failed by not being grateful for the moments that i should have. I realise now that everything is better than you think.

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1. Put my self out there to develop self discipline. By joining a school for mix material arts; practicing BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu).

2. I failed to find time to take care of the needs I have, which would make life and my time more convenient. Like learning how to drive and getting my car working.

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1. I finally pushed myself out of a very negative space and landed a proper job.

2. I failed to find a way to stay in Europe.

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